Root Canal Treatment- An Agreeable Way To Treat The Cavities

Root Canal Treatment -

Root canal comes into the picture when a large cavity or injury damages the teeth from inside. The tooth as a result of damage gets filled with pulp. This pulp, if stays in the cavity for long, can infect the root and inflame it.

Main Causes

  • Deep cavity
  • A crack in the tooth which results in formation of cavity
  • Tooth injured in any manner

Basic Procedure

The basic procedure involves the removal of dead and diseased pulp. After that, the cavity is cleaned properly and filled with a permanent material. This keeps the root canal away from getting infected further.

Root Canal Treatment Process

The process involves several steps:

  1. An opening from behind the tooth is made, or from a crown in case pre-molar or molar.
  2. The infected pulp is removed from the root canals and cavity.
  3. Once the pulp is removed cleanly, the root canal is cleaned and shaped for the permanent filling.
  4. When the condition gets better, the cavity is filled with a permanent filling. Material called “gutta-percha” is usually used for root canal treatment.
  5. Finally, in order to restore the original shape of the tooth, a crown is placed over the tooth to seal its top.

Root canal treatment

How long the treated tooth lasts??

The tooth which has experienced root canal treatment can last for a last for a lifetime easily, but it needs to be properly taken care of. The regular dental checkups and cleaning is necessary to keep the tooth away from infections. Or it can increase the brittleness of tooth.

Root canal treatment is required mainly for two reasons: Infection and diseased pulp. This treatment is a reliable option for cleaning and shaping the canal and is used commonly worldwide by the dentists.

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