Medibank Private Member Choice Dentist

Medibank Approved Dentist in Melbourne

Many of our patients often ask if Holistic Dental is a Medibank Approved Dentist.

All dentists at Holistic Dental Melbourne are Medibank approved dentist that have entered into agreements to meet Medibank schedule dental fee.

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At Holistic Dental we believe in providing a service which will allow our customers to feel listened too, appreciated and provide them with a way to maintain their teeth and brilliant smile for life.

Call or send us an email to make an appointment and discover how our contemporary holistic approach can benefit not only the health of your mouth but your whole wellbeing.

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Why Medibank Approved Dental Clinic is Important For You?

All our dentists at Holistic Dental are part of Medibank Private Member Choice Extra cover provider and are part of the Members’ Choice network. This means that our dentists must agree to and meet Medibank customer service and fee structure.

It’s important to know what Medibank cover you are on when calling Holistic Dental to make an appointment.

If you require more in-depth information about Medibank consult their website at

We have provided a brief overview of what Medibank is and included some of the benefits of taking out a plan with them.

What is Medibank and its Advantages?

Over 3 million Australians have put their trust in the health services provided by Medibank.  This is because they offer some of the best value when it comes to private health cover.

Medibank’s Members Choice Network covers most private hospitals in Australia. They have negotiated a price with many healthcare professionals on their member’s behalf. Medibank members will not be charged more than the agreed price.

When it comes to dental cover, Medibank offers a range of plans to their customers. These plans can include these benefits;

When it comes to dental cover, Medibank off

  • 100% benefit for dental checkups, scale and clean twice a year.
  • No Annual Limits for General Dental Care.
  • Payment of up to 100% of some Common Dental Treatments.
  • Some plans will cover you for major dental procedures which include root canals, crowns, and gum disease treatment.
  • Wisdom teeth removal in-hospital.
  • Medibank Capped Charges
  • High percentage back of charge. This could be 55 – 100% depending on your cover

* Important to consult Medibank to find out exactly what you are entitled to.

* Not all plans will include the above benefits.

Medibank members enjoy great value from being part of the Members Choice network.

Medibank Approved Dentist at Holistic Dental

Holistic Dental provides a dentistry service that is a contemporary approach to dental treatment. We focus on the overall health and wellbeing of our patients and not just on their gums and teeth. Holistic Dental tailors our dental care to our patient’s individual requirements.

We listen to our patients and get to know the reason for their visit. It could be for functional requirements such as chewing or it could be for appearance including getting that perfect smile. We will then thoroughly examine your dental health.

We will explain any issues to you that we have discovered and arrange a treatment plan that will suit your individual situation. After that has been agreed upon we go about solving any problems that have been discovered.

Within our dental practice you will find that every staff member including our dental practitioners, hygienists, nurses all the way through to reception and management believe that a healthy and happy smile can lead to positive improvements in other avenues of your life.