HCF Preferred Dentist

HCF Preferred Dentist and HCF Dental Provider in Melbourne

Many of Our Patients Inquire if Holistic Dental is a HCF Approved Dentist

Holistic Dental Melbourne is a HCF approved and preferred dentist.

What does it mean to you when we say Holistic Dental is an approved HCF Dentist

Holistic Dental Melbourne is an approved by HCF which means that many of our services can be claimed back if you are a member of HCF – Get More for Teeth Programme.

It’s extremely important that you know what plan you are on and what you are covered for when making an appointment to see us.

Their website www.hcf.com.au is a great place to start if you have any questions regarding the services and packages they provide.

At Holistic Dental we aim to service our customers to the very best of our ability and that is why below you will find some general information about HCF.

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What is HCF Dental insurance about?

HCF is Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund. They aim to provide the very best health care insurance in order to keep you and your family healthy.

Canstar which is one of Australia’s leading independent rating agencies awarded HCF the top national prize for health insurance for four years in a row.

You can see why when as a company is 2012 they returned 91 cents to the dollar compared with the average 85 cents that other health funds provided.

When it comes to dental cover, HCF offers their customers an assortment of packages which can include the following;

  • Examinations – General Dentist and Specialist
  • X-Rays
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Root Canals
  • Maintenance and Repair

* Important to consult HCF directly to ascertain what your plan covers

* The above benefits may not be included in your plan.

HCF members enjoy great peace of mind when they take out health insurance cover with HCF.

Who are Holistic Dental

Holistic Dental is not your average dental company. We pride ourselves on offering the best holistic service available. What this means for you is that we look after your whole wellbeing not just your teeth and gums.

We don’t want our patients to leave feeling like they were not listened to. We understand that when you visit the dentist your reasons will be different from our previous patients. We will only proceed with examining your dental health after we know exactly why you have visited us.

If our examination reveals any problems that require more work or we think a procedure would be beneficial to your requirements, we will talk to you about it. Holistic Dental will then provide a treatment plan that works around your lifestyle and monetary constraints. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon we will proceed with the treatment.

Every member of our staff has the belief that having a healthy mouth and a great smile will have a positive effect on other areas of your life.

Call Holistic Dental now for HCF Dentist

When you leave Holistic Dental you will leave after experiencing a great service and with the knowledge of how to maintain your dental health for life.

To find out if our holistic approach to dental treatment will benefit you, please give us a call or send us an email.