Teeth Whitening Tips for a Beautiful Wedding Smile

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Nothing makes a couple handsome on their wedding day as a beautiful smile. It does not just show joy, a wide bright smile can also be a sign of confidence. And that confident smile needs you to have good oral health. Yellow cracked teeth and a bad breath will drain your beaming smiling before it reaches your lips. The dentist CBD at Collins Street aims at giving our customers smiles they will be proud to show off. To help you be your best on your wedding day, here are a few tips to keep your teeth white.

Teeth Whitening Tips

First step is of course, oral hygiene. Keeping your mouth clean is absolutely necessary for white teeth and for oral health in general. Teeth can become darker because of certain medications, genetic reasons and because of aging, apart from lack of hygiene. Habits such as vigorous brushing that can cause loss of enamel can also lead to yellowish teeth. The discolouration maybe external or internal, and the external discolouration generally have the origin in the foods you choose and habits such as smoking. This is why it is very important to brush twice a day and wash your mouth after every meal.

Whitening gums, pastes and trips are commonly available in the market and are generally safe to use. But it is always good to check with your Melbourne dentist before regularly using any of these products. Skin whitening gels can often cause gum irritation if not used carefully. It is best used under the supervision of a qualified dentist. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used in professional bleaching. Your dentist CBD will be able to make a mouth guard that perfectly fits your mouth to avoid leakage of the bleach and hence avoid any irritation to your gums or tongue.

You also have the option to go for laser whitening. In this process laser beams are used to activate the chemical in the bleaching product. This process is much faster than regular bleaching as the light can speed up the process. In the case of discolouration caused after root filling, the whitening product is applied inside the tooth. Although it can change from person to person, generally, the effects of whitening treatments can last up to three years. There are no permanent side effects to teeth whitening. There may be some discomfort in gums and throat for a few days after the treatment.Follow good oral habits to maintain the whiteness of your teeth longer.