Dental Care for Babies and Toddlers

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Care for the teeth of your babies can start from the time you are pregnant. Make sure that the mother takes nutrients helpful to develop healthy teeth in the baby, and consult your dentist at Collins Street before taking any medication as some medicines if taken during pregnancy can affect the dental health of your baby.


It is not a good idea to let your baby sleep while drinking sugary drinks. This can let sugar cling to his or her teeth for a prolonged period of time, and especially during the time there will not be much production of saliva, which can lead to increased production of bacteria and tooth decay. This can also be an issue if you breast feed your baby too frequently, whenever he or she demands. The mouth needs time to neutralise the acids caused by bacteria and frequent presence of sugar and other elements that encourages the production of bacteria will hamper this process.

You should not dip pacifiers in sweet substances before giving to the baby, and it is best to avoid encouraging sucking habits that continue till the time milk teeth are replaced. Toddlers are old enough to drink from cups. By the time the baby is one year old, the transfer can be completely effected. You can use a sippy cup to avoid spillage. From twelve months, you can give your toddler plain water as the main drink. Cow’s milk is also a healthy choice, but adding sugar in them can encourage tooth decay.

Babies prefer sweet food only if they are used to it. So you can easily introduce healthy food into their diets. Remember, toddlers also learn by watching what the rest of the family is eating. Make sure to set a good example for them. You can start cleaning the gums of the baby even before he or she starts teething. Children will need help with brushing their teeth until they are about 7 years old. Even after that it is important that you supervise their brushing. You can start regularly brushing your toddler’s teeth twice a day from the time he or she is a year and a half. Holistic Dental, the dentist CBD advise early dental check-up, and encourages parents to familiarise their children with the dental clinic before they need our services. Our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have on your baby’s dental health.