Harmless And Easy To Use Dental Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Filling -

Basically, amalgam refers to a mixture of metals which is most customarily used by dentists for filling the decayed tooth. Amalgam fillings are the most common way to fill the infected and decayed tooth.

What is an Amalgam?

Amalgam refers to combination of powdered silver with small concentrations of mercury in combination with zinc. Little amount of copper and tin are also amalgamated. Mercury helps the other metals to stay binded with each other because of its chemical properties.  Many associations have raised questions on the occurrence of mercury in the amalgam to be harmful for teeth. However, The Food & Drug Administration has announced the amalgam fillings to be totally harmless for children of age more than 6 years and adults. It is not at all poisonous and its small concentration in the filling changes its nature chemically which does not harm the tooth in any manner.

How It Is Done?

Amalgam fillings

The decay from the tooth is swept out by the dentists. Then, amalgam fillings are gushed into the tooth in order to shape them from inside. Mercury as a liquid is binded with the amalgam filling in order to keep it stable and consistent. It increases the durability of the filling. The filling gradually hardens after sometime.

Potential Benefits

Amalgam fillings claim to the most cost effective materials to be used in dentistry for filling the decayed tooth. It is very easy to use. The dentists find it very comfortable to fill the decayed tooth with amalgam as they stick to the cavity quite easily.


The only amount of risk involved with amalgam fillings is the mercury used. The mercury is released in the form of vapours which if inhaled can harm the lungs in long term.

Recent researches and studies have claimed these facts to be wrong and announced dental amalgam fillings as the most harmless and easiest way to fill decayed tooth.

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