How Advantageous Is Root Canal Treatment For Infected Teeth?

Root Canal Treatment -

Root Canal Treatment is one of the most accepted and effective dental treatment dealing with dental pulp of root of the teeth. The teeth is generally divided in two parts, one the crown portion that consists of enamel, dentin and gum, while root portion includes soft pulps, pulp chamber, ligaments, sensitive tissues and blood vessels. The nerves in this pulp portion are the source of sensitivity that is responsible for sense and growth of the teeth. The teeth get nourishment from the adjacent tissues. Infection is caused due to decay or ignoring the care of the oral health. If this dental decay is not treated properly, it can lead to severe dental collapse. Infected teeth causes’ damage of this tissues, ligaments and nerves and worsen the sensitivity feature.

Root Canal Treatment

How the treatment is done- a concise report

The infected pulps are removed and fillings are placed on that infected portion. The Root Canals are sterilized and cleaned first and then the infected tissues are removed. This entire process requires couple of visits and the dentist ensures the dryness of the tooth to prevent contamination of the canals. Initially, temporary filling is done and later during the second visit final filling is applied and the tooth is sealed with crown. In order to lessen the pain the entire process is done under anaesthesia.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

The root canal therapy is a solution for unbearable pain and sensitivity issues. Also, it has some added benefits which are:

  • Root canal therapy can offer the patient normal dental functionality and eradicate tremendous toothache. The treatment ensures no more sleepless nights and no more discomfort while eating.
  • Instead of losing your teeth, Root Canal Treatment offers natural teeth and helps you to perform all activities like eating, chewing, speaking, etc.
  • The treatment ensures complete fixing of teeth sensitivity issue and no more additional expenses on your dental care.


The treatment makes sure that you face no complications during normal biting, chewing or while drinking (hot or cold beverages). So, by now, you must have realised the immense benefits of RCT.

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