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Sleep Dentistry -

Many people do not know the term sleep dentistry. Some get afraid hearing this term as they brings out a wrong meaning from it, they think that it means napping during healing your gum but it is not the actual meaning. It actually means what dentists do to help people with sleep problems. Many people now having sleep problems even dentists do have it. So about 15 years ago dentists, sleep specialists and other dentists sort out an idea on easing sleep problem. From there this term arrived.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

OSA is a bad disease during your sleep. It occurs when a tissue in the back side of the throat collapses as well as blocks airway during sleeping. This cuts the amount of oxygen delivered throughout the body. After certain time blood oxygen level drops low enough and breaks sleep. To solve this problem many use CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). This machine helps night time breathing but everyone cannot use this appliance.


Many feel that snoring is a habit, it is not so. Snoring basically is a disease and most people have this disease. Snoring do not make you uncomfortable but it makes your partners sleep uncomfortable.

Sleep Dentistry

Cause of tooth pain that makes you lose sleep

    • Sleep dentistry pointed out some fact that you should follow for stopping your tooth pain at night.
    • Too much mouthwash – Do not use flavoured mouthwash every time after you eat as many mouthwash have acid that makes your teeth worse due to excessive use of it.
    • Stop eating acidic foods – Having excessive acidic food is not good for your enamel as it erodes.
    • Tooth whiteners – Everyone wants brighter teeth and for that purpose some products uses cheap acid that makes your teeth white but it also makes your gum weak.
    • Stop brushing your teeth too hard – If you think brushing hard will remove all germs from your teeth then you are wrong. If you brush hard then it will pull away your gums from tooth roots.


Sleep dentistry carry out their processes for a purpose so that you don’t feel any problem in your mouth that will make your sleep weak.

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