How Dentist Fix your Smile from Porcelain Veneers Melbourne

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Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. However, it is a bitter truth that many people are conscious while smiling in public due to their irregular, crooked, chipped teeth that affects their physical appearance. Such people also suffer from lack of confidence to talk and smile in public. Fortunately, now they can undergo a treatment where the irregularity of their teeth is covered by Porcelain Veneers Melbourne.

What is a Porcelain Veneer?

Porcelain Veneers in MelbourneAs we all know that it takes time to fix up anything. But, now the things have changed as the people suffering from stained, discoloured, irregular teeth may now be able to get rid of them by having veneers. The Porcelain Veneers are thin shells made from different types of materials and have tooth colour so that it could not be noticed. A thin portion of tooth enamel is extracted making space for the veneer. Then the veneer is fixed on it using a glue material to give proper shape to the teeth.

These are used to fix the following dental problems:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Chipped, broken and irregular teeth
  • Discoloured or stained teeth

How Veneer is made?

The dentist first took the impression of the teeth so that the veneer is prepared much alike the teeth. The impression is then fabricated to develop the veneer. The veneer is then fitted to the teeth using bonding cement. The colour, size and shape of these veneers would be similar to the teeth.

What is the cost of Porcelain Veneers?

The cost of the Porcelain Veneers Melbourne varies according to the individual dental condition and case. This means, the more veneers are required, more cost will increase. Moreover, the dentist in Melbourne is highly skilled and experienced that prioritize the quality dental procedures under professional staff in a healthy and hygienic atmosphere.

The dentist gives special attention to each patient and work in detail, making the patient comfortable. As the patient satisfaction is must, therefore they take a picture of their teeth before and after the treatment. You can easily notice what improvement is received by getting Porcelain Veneers.

Is the process irreversible?

The normal life of the veneer is around 10 years. However, the durability depends on the patient’s tooth behaviour, bite or tooth bond. Sometimes the veneer even falls off, broken or cracked due to an injury or depending on the situation.

Although, the veneer can be replaced if got broken, however the possibility is not sure for several times. You need to be aware of the outcome while choosing it. It is possible to remove the veneers, however, it requires dentist to have a lot of expertise.

Wind Up

The Melbourne Porcelain Veneers is a dental procedure that has helped many individuals to get regular teeth without undergoing any surgery. It is proven fix method for irregular teeth.

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