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Tooth cavity is the most common dental problem found in children. As they are small kids who did not know how important is to keep oral hygiene. Moreover, parents even after trying their utmost effort cannot prevent their child from eating sweet food and drinks. As we all know, tooth cavities are caused due to the frequent consumption of sugary diet that produces bacteria that leads to major tooth problems, hence you need to take your child to the Dentist in Melbourne who cleans your kid teeth and suggest the ways of keeping their oral healthy.

What is the right time of oral care?

Dentist in MelbourneThere is not a defined age of beginning the oral care. You need to take proper care of your toddler oral condition even before any teeth appear. After feeding your baby, wipe their gum with a soft cloth or use soft toothbrush that helps in cleaning their mouth. As the milk contains sugar, therefore it is required to clean your baby’s mouth every day. Resist putting the baby milk bottle when they sleep for hours. Keeping the bottle for long leads to irregular teeth, tooth decay and cavity.

When you see your child’s first tooth appear, then start brushing the teeth to keep it clean. Visit the Dentist Melbourne to seek expert advice on better ways of keeping their teeth healthy. Keep your child’s teeth clean by brushing them every day. When your child gets 2-3 years, then make their habit to brush the teeth twice daily.

Reason of dental problems

  • Bacteria attack.
  • Lack of oral hygiene by not brushing properly.
  • Eating a sugary diet.

Tooth decay takes place when the teeth are attached by the acid producing bacteria. This may be when the tooth or gums are exposed to the food or liquid for a long time. They get converted into acid, which attacks the tooth and cause tooth decay.

How to detect tooth decay?

In early stages, minor white spots appear in the upper jaw of the teeth. These spots are highly detected; hence visit the dentist regularly as they examine the baby teeth using their dental equipment. It helps in preventing the further tooth decay.

Tooth problems can be prevented if you detect any oral problem at the early stage. Dentist visit is required to start getting the treatment. As children are at high risk of tooth cavity, hence take your child for regular checkups. Teach them healthy dental habit and how to maintain oral hygiene. Keep track your child food habit. In case of any dental problems, consult your dentist immediately.

Wind Up

The Dentist in Melbourne offers child dental care service to eliminate the risk of tooth problems and helps the parents in maintaining their child oral health.

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