Root Canal Treatment-Last Procedure Before Extraction

Root Canal Treatment -

Teeth are the most important part of the human body as they play a vital role in building appearance or looks of the individual. The use of teeth is while eating and if a person experience some pain while biting or chewing it lead to irritation throughout the day. Proper treatment through an experienced dentist is advised in such cases. The procedure and  treatment type varies from case to case and the stage of the tooth.

A human being tooth consist of two parts one is crown and another is root of the tooth. The root Canal treatment is a procedure which is done to fix a tooth by removing the pulp chamber located in the root of the tooth. After the removal the gap is filled with a material to remove the gap. This Root canal treatment procedure is usually done when the tooth is in such situation where it can not be filled by any means of procedure. In such situation the decay of the tooth has reached the nerve of the tooth and infected it badly.

This procedure helps in prevention from the extraction of the tooth, which is damaged due to nerve failure or infection. It is also considered as the last attempt to save the decayed tooth from extraction. During this procedure all germs in the infected tooth are removed and treated to give life to the teeth. Consult and take the opinion of the few experts before finalizing a particular procedure for your infected tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Requirement for Root Canal Treatment

The Root canal treatment is advised when the pulp of the root infected, resulting in an improper supply of the blood to the nerve. The infection can be due to various reasons like the decay of the tooth or sometimes due to repetitive dental procedures also. A damaged tooth can lead to severe pain and further damage to other teeth. During the early stages of the infection the patient does not feel any major pain the only indication is the darkening of the tooth.

When  RCT is required

  • When you feel any type of swelling or lymph nodes in the teeth.
  • Sensitivity towards food which are excess cold or heat
  • Pain in the teeth

Purpose of  RCT

The procedure helps in getting relief from the pain which is caused due to infection in the tooth pulp. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure due to the dosage of anesthesia. The teeth of the patient become sensitive for a couple of days after the treatment is done. The dentist prescribed some medication for the relief from the minute pain and sensitivity.

After initial sittings with the dentist it is decided whether Root Canal Treatment is required or not. It is considered as the best method to save an infected tooth. The symptoms will also help in determining whether the treatment is required or not. Some patients refuse to get the treatment done in fear of pain , in such situations tooth extracted or through dental implantation.

Get best Dentist of the area for your infected tooth and treated it immediately to avoid any further decay of the tooth.

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