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Dental Implant -

In the earlier years, Dentists use to replace a tooth with treatments such as root canal or dentures fixation. But due to increase in failure of root canal treatment dentists and patients stated moving towards a new technique to treatment called as Dental implants. A Dental implant melbourne is a surgical procedure done on the jawbone of the patient where the implant get attached to the patient’s bone making it a new root of the replaced tooth.

Single teeth Dental implantation

The crown looks like a natural tooth and helps in filling the space of the missing tooth. The chances of procedural success depend only if the patient has enough bone in the jaw line and if bone is less an artificial bone is added and the procedure is called as augmentation. The health of the teeth near the missing tooth and nearby tissues is very crucial while conduction dental implant.Dental implantation

A Missing tooth can be due to various reasons like gap between the teeth or due to some accident. Most of the people get dental implants melbourne done due to cosmetic concern only. Sometime missing teeth even affect the speech of the person which affects the personality and confidence level of the person. Due to the lost tooth , functioning force of the other teeth also decreases, leading to extra pressure on the remaining ones. It also leads to shifting of the teeth and collection of tartar and plaque in the surrounding ones. This will result in decay of the nearby teeth over a period of time.

Steps of Dental implant:

  • The implant
  • The abutment
  • The restoration

An implanted tooth feels and looks like a natural tooth only and can perform functions like chewing and speaking, naturally like the other ones. During the Dental implant melbourne surrounding teeth are untouched if they are in healthy condition.

Dental implant process is of generally three steps and take several months to complete .This procedure involved reference from periodontist and a maxillo facial surgeon to complete the whole procedure.

Success and failure rate of the Dental implant Melbourne depends on the skill and expertise of the dentist with the quality and quantity of bone available for the operation. Patients who are chain smoker have a significantly poorer chances of success in comparison to others. The procedure is done under local anesthesia to avoid any pain but after the effect of the local anesthesia patient might feel some discomfort .If the pain is high and unbearable you should contact your expert immediately.

Importance of implantation

Due to advancement in technology and availability of experienced dentist the procedure of Dental Implant Melbourne is quiet famous among the patients. Dental surgeries are usually expensive , so one should look for affordable treatment of success. Get an idea about the type of material and surgical equipments used before getting surgery done. Clear discussion should be done with the dentist about your case and what are the risk factors involved in it to avoid any future conflict. You can even contact the existing or past patients of the dentist and get an idea about their experiences.

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