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About Dental Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Fillings

Tooth decay is most occurring problems for all ages of people. Earlier, this is treated by using the amalgam fillings to fill up the tooth cavity. This filling is actually the mixture of the few metals like 50% liquid mercury, together with the powered alloy like tin, silver and copper.

To proceed with the filling, the dentist first clears the tooth cavity. They make desired place in the tooth to put the fillings. The mixture is carefully prepared by the experts and then it is placed in the tooth. Soon the mixture turns into solid and gets perfectly fixed in the tooth.

Controversies associated with amalgam fillings

As the filling contains the mercury, there was debate about using the amalgam or not. Although the cost of the amalgam is cheap, but continued exposure of it leads to illness, disorders and disease. It often cracks the teeth that lead its direct contact which is dangerous.

Impact of amalgam fillings on health

Earlier, the patients were treated with the amalgam fillings that are filled in their teeth without using any adhesive. After long years, these fillings may come out from the tooth whose direct exposure leads to severe health problems.

The dental health of the patients having amalgam filling in their tooth is very poor. As the time has passed, the mercury filling broke down or corrode. When the filling is broken, then it becomes easier for the dentist to replace it with another filling, but in some cases, the filling is not removed completely upon the patient request by replacing it with other materials due to its bad look. At those critical moments, the leftover mercury cannot be detectable even with x-rays; hence this leads to terrible problem in future.

Composite Filling- A replacement of amalgam filling

Due to the bad impact of amalgam, dentist has started practicing the composite fillings using the modern technology. This is the tooth colored filling that works better for the back teeth as now the best adhesives are used to fit it with the tooth. Now, an experienced dentist can easily fill the cavity in the tooth assuring the high success rate of its sustainability. The filling settles well and last long by covering it with the crown to extend its life.

Wind Up

Earlier amalgam fillings are performed by the dentist to fill the tooth cavity. But, as the human exposure to mercury is revealed, the dentist has started using the white filling that is completely free from mercury.  Variety of mercury free filling materials are used to cope up the cavity and the comfort level of the patient’s. This is the viable option that offers durability and removes the pain.

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