Dental Implant is a Craze

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In these days people having an idea that if there is a problem with their teeth then they should go through dental implantation. It is obviously a cure but it is not for everyone. Dr Kia Pajouhesh a specialist of dental implants in Melbourne advised to treat it as a cure not a craze. Many people do not have idea of implant dentistry, when they face a little problem with their tooth, they opt for these solution.

What is Dental Implant Treatment?

It is an artificial tooth root that holds a replacement tooth or bridge. It is placed into your jaw so that a there is a balance in your artificial tooth set up with other tooth. It is a cure for people who lost their tooth due to an accident, disease or some other reason.

Types of Dental Implant

    • Endosteal (means in the bone) – Out of two, endosteal is widely used and it is most common type of implant. It has various types like cylinders, screws or blades that are placed surgically into the jawbone. This implant procedure is generally used for patient who suffers from bridge disorder.
    • Subperiosteal (means on the bone) – It is placed on top of the jaw with metal framework. This implant procedure is used for patients who are unable to wear conventional dentures and have minimal bone height.

Candidate for Dental Implant

One source of it explained that ideal candidate for having dental implantation is a person who have adequate bone in his jaw and have healthy gum tissue which are free from disease as dental implantation completely depend upon gum tissue. Gum tissue keeps the bridge intact as well as root of a tooth. It gives a complete framework. Once that gum tissue is destroyed then it will be very difficult for bridge to hold on.

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Thus dental implantation is a smart process in case of replacing tooth or curing of bridge but do not take it as a craze, take it as a serious disease and always keep your gum tissue protected. In case of any difficulty contact your nearest dental clinic.

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