What to Know About Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

Root Canal Treatment -

When a tooth is severely infected and causes pain in the mouth, then one needs to go through the root canal treatment. The tooth has a pulp containing nerves, vessels and fibres. When the pump gets infected due to the bacteria action, then it requires the removal of the diseased pulp to prevent further tooth damage and eliminate pain.

The Root Canal Treatment Melbourne is performed by putting a mask on the infected tooth so the saliva of the tooth does not get contaminated with the other tooth and cause pain. The pulp is then removed from the tooth and cleaned properly. The gap is then filled with the cemented material to give support to the tooth.

Success of the Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal TreatmentThe treatment has achieved the success rate of 95%. Many patients have got their tooth last for lifetime after getting this treatment. The success of this treatment highly depends on the way the oral health is maintained by the patient’s. Always brush and floss your teeth daily, twice in a day to keep dental hygiene. Proper diet and regular dental checkups will help in maintaining the dental health for lifetime.

How many appointments are needed?

Usually you will need to visit the dentist only once; however, you need to visit the dentist twice or thrice to understand how well the treatment is going on with your dental condition.

What is the cost of root canal treatment?

The cost totally depends on the severity of the patient’s present dental condition. How many teeth require root canal treatment, how complex is the procedure and how many visits are required. It is one of the recommended treatments that will last for a lifetime.

What is the common cause of root canal treatment failure?

The treatment may fail due to the following reason:

  • Post treatment leakage- Leakage causes a bacterial action on the infected tooth.
  • Fracture on the treated tooth- During the treatment, root got fractured that allows bacteria action.
  • Missed root canals- Possibility arises when any canal is left untreated. The situation may arise when the tooth having two canals have been treated only for one canal and another is left untreated.
  • Incomplete root canal treatment- This means when the treatment is not performed completely on the affected tooth. The practitioner may have treated a little less area than the required infected area.
  • Remaining infected pulp- During the treatment if any infected tissue is left that has resulted in multiplying the bacteria. This requires close monitoring of the root canal to find if any traces are left.
Wind Up

The root canal treatment is the uttermost choice of individuals who face severe dental problems and needs an immediate dental treatment. Patients should not delay getting this treatment as it may spread this problem in the mouth.

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