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If you experience any problem with your jaw or experience misalignment of your jaw, then you need an Orthognathic treatment. The term Ortho means straightening and Gnatic means jaws which mean the Orthognathic treatment involves working with your jaw to correct its problems. Any dental or skeletal irregularities can be corrected by undergoing through this surgery performed by Dentist Melbourne expert. You will notice a gradual change in your appearance resulting in proper functioning of your teeth.

When you need an Orthognathic Treatment?

The following are a few common conditions that ask you to go for the jaw surgery:
Dental Irregularities Correction

  • Open Bite-The space formed when the upper jaw and lower jaw does not meet after closing the mouth.
  • Experiencing pain and difficulty in swallowing food.
  • Inability in chewing and biting food.
  • Injury in face or jaw
  • Recurrent breathing
  • Sleep apnea
  • Not able to meet the lips without straining
  • Improper facial appearance
  • Dropping the lower jaw or chin

What happens in Jaw Surgery?

The procedure is started by first correcting the alignment of the teeth by fitting braces on your teeth. This would last between nine to fourteen months to make the teeth ready for surgery. Once the teeth are aligned properly, then the surgery process is carried out. To ensure complete security during the procedure, the dentist may even put pins in these braces.

Dentist will then take your present teeth alignment impression to make sure that the alignment is done well. After getting assured, the Melbourne dentist will then fix an arc to start the surgery.

During the surgery, the dentist will make incisions of 1 centimetre on the inside of the back teeth. This scar cannot be seen post surgery. After the surgery, these incisions either dissolve it or removed after a period of five to seven days.

Post Surgery

After getting the surgery, patients may experience discomfort and inconvenience for a few days. During the initial period of the surgery, patients will suffer from fewer discomforts as mentioned below:

  • Although the surgery will be painless and advance treatment procedures were followed to correct the patient’s smiles, for the initial period, patients may experience difficulty in chewing and biting the food. You often need to limit your diet to rest your jaws.
  • For the few days after the surgery, one may experience swelling in their surgical jaws. However, about 80% of the swelling will disappear after the period of ten days and rest after a period of a month.
  • Patient’s often suffering from sinus and nasal congestion for a period of five to seven days.
Wind Up

The best way to get a healthy smile is to consult a dentist regularly that would observe your dental requirements and helps in protecting your smile.

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