Seek Best Dentist for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) Treatment in Melbourne CBD


What is TMD?

Temporomandibular Disorder is a traumatic condition when the patient’s experience severe pain in their jaw, TM joints and facial nerve. The Temporomandibular Joint is basically a joint that is available in front of the ears. These joints connect the skull with the jawbones that rotates in different directions like side-to-side, forward and backward. This joint is made by the combination of muscles. While functioning your mouth, if you experience any pain in any of the areas around these joints, then you are suffering from TMD. Look for a best dentist Melbourne CBD that would provide with the right treatment.

What is the common cause of TMD?

TMD Treatment

  • Stress that
  • tightens facial muscles
  • Arthritis pain in joints
  • Putting pressure on joints

What are the common symptoms of TMD?

  • Pain in neck and head
  • Pain in and around the ear
  • Pain while biting, chewing or eating food
  • Having popping or clicking noise during mouth opening
  • Feeling tenderness in the jaw
  • Sensitivity in teeth without any visible problem
  • Experiencing pain while opening and closing mouth
How the TMD can be treated?

Till date, there is no standard test available to test the identification of the TMD. However, the best dentist Melbourne CBD will diagnose your dental problems. Their examination with the physical diagnosis will help in treating the disorders.

Once you visit your dentist, x-ray will be taken to understand the complete dental structure, especially the TM joints. The dentist will ask you about the pain you have been experiencing and at what interval you face any problem with your teeth.

The dental professional will provide with the right set of treatment, medications and habits that will help in dealing with the particular problem. Only the professional trained expert will be able to treat your facial pain.
After the examination, dentist suggests the relaxation techniques and may refer a therapist for your pain. They will examine your muscle pain and provide with the relief option.

Your dentist may ask you to wear a night guard that is made from clear plastic. It is fitted on the biting surface of your jaw. This let to bite against split and not your teeth. It is a way of relaxing your muscles and jaw bones.

If all the treatments have been tried and still the result is not achieved, then surgery can be prescribed. However, dentist will work on your dental structure to find the root cause of the pain. Before considering a surgery, first understand your dental conditions very well and what post-care have to take thereafter.

Wind Up

The dentist is the right expert available to treat your entire major dental problem. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience pain in your teeth.

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