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Holistic Dentistry -


Holistic dentistry is a new and modern form of dentistry. Many people claim that both of these are same; however there is marked difference between the two – the ordinary one will only cure your disease and not the underlying cause; while the holistic approach attempts to treat the entire cause behind the disease, which mean more emphasis on health and wellness.

This methodology to dentistry includes both cutting edge science and learning drawn from naturally healing techniques. This practice is now being used by dentists from Melbourne dental clinic and all over the world; where the main aim of these dentists is full treatment of their patients.

How It Works

How Holistic Dentistry WorksThe process by which holistic dentistry works is very simple; it tries to cure the disease completely and not just its outer manifestation. Maybe that will require a full body checkup but if that’s necessary, then that will be done. Many people might think that it is not possible for a normal dentist to perform such hefty tasks, but not so for a holistic dentist. For them, it is mandatory that they educate themselves in other fields of medicine so that they can find out the best possible solution to the illness. Besides, all of their methods are natural with minimal side effects.


Holistic Dental Association, founded in 1978, had formed a set of rules and regulations which need to be followed by every dentist who practices this approach. The main principles include the following –

  • Fluoride has been shown to decrease a child’s IQ. It can also lead to white spots on the teeth, and increase the risk of fractures by weakening the bones. Hence, never ever should patients be given fluoride treatments, especially to children.
  • Crowning is also avoided as much as possible.


Many dentists from Melbourne dental clinic as well as other reputed clinics from all over the world has seen phenomenal success from this. As holistic dentistry is getting popular day by day, more and more people have started believing in it, and many patients actually prefer to get treated through this method than the normal methods.

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