Holistic Dentistry Combination of Science and Natural Healing

Holistic Dentistry -


Holistic Dentistry is an alternative and complimentary form of medicine. The main aim of this method is to look after the entire physical and spiritual aspects of the patient instead of just the ailment.

How It Works

Practitioners of holistic dentistry prefer to use traditional and natural methods to find remedies for the illness, instead of usual evasive procedures adopted by today’s modern dentists. It emphasises approaches to dental care which care about dental health in reference to the mental and physical health. It is considered as an alternate form of dentistry and is termed as the futuristic approach to dentistry. Since, this practice refers to use of natural methods, it has no side effects. Owing to its huge potential, dentists in Melbourne and dentists from several other major clinics have started practising holistic dentistry.


Principles of Holistic DentistryIn 1978, a group of concerned and dedicated dentists came together to share their common interest in treatment modalities. This was the beginning of Holistic Dental Association (HDA). This is, at present the governing body and has determine few rules which should be followed holistic dentists. Some of those principles are-

  • Never use root canals; they only help in wasting even that portion of the infected tooth which in intact. Only do it, if there is no other available option.
  • Do not prescribe antibiotics and painkillers after operations; they are extremely dangerous and risky; instead, for speedy recovery, ask them to have loads of fruits, vegetables and other natural methods to reduce the pain. These also have no side effects.
  • No amalgam fillings should be used, instead only use organic fillings. Mercury is dangerous and inhalation of the mercury vapour is poisonous.


Many dentists claim that these methods are a hoax and this practice is based on false believes. However, dentists from Melbourne and other reputed clinics all around the world have resorted to this method since they believe in it. Maybe those dentists are not ready to embrace the extra work that is needed if one wants to adopt it. People have also realized their effectiveness and potential and have experience huge success as well.

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