Holistic Dentistry – A Better Form of Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry -


Holistic Dentistry, a modern form of dentistry, is a complimentary form of dentistry. It is also known as “Biologic” or “Biocompatible” dentistry. The main difference between ordinary and holistic dentistry is the fact that the former will only cure your disease and not the underlying cause; while the latter attempts to treat the entire cause behind the disease, which mean more emphasis on health and wellness. This methodology to dentistry includes both cutting edge science and learning drawn from naturally healing techniques. This practice is now being used by Melbourne dentists and others all over the world; where the main aim of these doctors is full treatment of their patients.

Holistic Dentistry

How It Works

The goal of holistic dentistry is to provide cure, using natural methods and recommendations intended to prevent future disease. As a result, they only use non-invasive tools and procedures. After any tooth operation, instead of prescribing loads of unnecessary antibiotics and painkillers, which not only disrupt the mood and physique of the patient but can also lead to major ailments in future, they often prescribe fruits, and other nutritious items which help in speedy recovery along with minimum side effects. Thus, they are often known as green dentists.


This method of dentistry abides by a few rules. The main principles are:

  • Mercury fillings used are dangerous to the body, and can cause serious illness in future. Instead only use organic fillings which have no side effects.
  • Dentists need to have thorough knowledge of other fields of medicine; since that will assist them in correct analysis of their patients
  • Digital radiography should be used for X-rays instead of normal X-rays, as the exposure to radiation is significantly less in this method.
  • Roots canals only waste the tooth; hence should be avoided if possible.


Melbourne dentists and others have been improving lives for years using holistic dentistry. These dentists are dedicated to improving the lives of their patients and have been extremely successful. In fact, many people have resorted to this method, realizing their massive positive impact on their spirit and body.

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