Understand the Root Canal Treatment Procedure

Root Canal Treatment -

A most common type of dental problem faced by the people is dental infection. This is caused due to the infection that occurs in the centre of the tooth. Hence, the root canal treatment procedure is done to remove the infected area of the tooth. The infection can be caused due to any reason like leaky fillings, accident or tooth decay.

Do you know what root canal treatment is?

When the nerve of the tooth known as pulp is infected by the bacteria attack or through an injury then this leads to tooth damage. Dentist prescribes performing the root canal treatment that would result in removing the infected pulp and replacing the gap with the filling.

This treatment is mandatory else the infection would spread in other teeth those results in severe pain. Tooth extraction is the replacement of this treatment, however the dentist prescribes going though the treatment of the root canal that would clean the infected area without the need of any extraction.

When you need the treatment?

When the infection is caused then at first patient does not feel any pain. But as the infection spreads, swelling occurs around the area of the tooth. Infection is caused in the pulp that spreads through the root canal of the tooth. This leads to an infected area called abscess where all the pus is collected leading to swelling. This causes severe tooth pain that restricts you from opening the mouth widely, chewing food or talking.

How Treatment is done?

The goal of the treatment is to remove the infected pulp from the root canal. The gap is then cleaned properly so that no traces are left behind. It is then filled with the white cement and covered with the cap so that the filling does not come out.

This procedure requires time and multiple visits according to the complexity of the tooth condition. Once the treatment is finished, then the infected tooth is checked at the last visit to check the current tooth condition.

You will get back the natural look of your teeth, even if the treatment results in discoloration of the tooth, then you can opt for the treatments available that would give back the natural look of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Take Proper Care after Treatment

After taking the treatment, your dentist will give a few instructions to be followed to take complete care of the tooth. Always keep your teeth clean by brushing twice daily. Visit your dentist for routine checkups to eliminate any risk of further decay.

Wind Up

The root canal treatment is given to the patient suffering from infected tooth nerves. This treatment is considered as the best way of treating the infected tooth and preventing it to spread to other parts.

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