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Dental Implant -

At dental implant Melbourne, all your dental implant needs are well taken care of. We have expert periodontists who are experts in gums and dental bone support. We also have the services of other specialists in oral and maxillofacial. Both experts will work in conjunction with specialists in fixing bridges and crowns.

About dental implants

Dental ImplantDental implantation is about replacing your missed teeth or teeth that cannot be saved under regular methods. Implant surgery begins from restoring a single tooth to total upper and lower arch substitute. The dental implants are made of titanium and crowns are made from higher grade porcelain or precious metals like gold. We here at dental implant Melbourne offer the implant procedure in a chair and under the supervision of local anesthetic. We will inform about fixing of a new tooth. We will tell you the date of the operation and its cost.

Suitability of undergoing dental implant

Thinking about undergoing dental implant fixes an appointment with us. You should meet the conditions that are followed by us in dental implant Melbourne.

  • You should follow good practices of brushing
  • You should have enough bone in terms of quantity and quality
  • Above all you should meet the medical requisites
  • To check your bone quality you are required  to undergo a test

How dental implant is done?

After checking you for the above conditions, then our dental experts replace the damaged tooth in three stages. The first phase is about the building of hooked on the gum. The second surgery is done from three to six months after the implant. The third surgery is fixing of new teeth. After the completion of three phases of surgeries, you should go for regular checkups in our dental clinic. Our specialists help you make in safe and operational condition. The surgery depends on your age, medical condition and sex.

Our experts will guide you about the risk involved in the surgery. Come and see how our dental specialists treat you and spread the word smile.

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