Visiting Dentist Melbourne during Pregnancy is a Good Idea

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When you are pregnant, then it very important to take care of your oral health too. Due to the hormonal changes, chances are, you may develop poor gum health like bleeding gums, swollen gum or other gum disease that may in result also affect your baby health. Therefore, it is important that you visit your Dentist Melbourne who would help you in maintaining good dental health.

Dentist in MelbourneIf the dental problem is not severe then it will not affect your baby health. However, any severe gum infection can also cause gingivitis or other major disease. If you are not able to maintain your good health, then the effect can also be seen in your baby. Due to the poor gum disease, few dentists also find a connection between the poor gum health and pregnancy complications, low weight baby birth and premature birth.

To avoid any health issues in future, it is recommended to follow the few important points as mentioned:

Things to look before getting pregnant: Fix an appointment with Dentist in Melbourne and get your teeth examined. They will check your teeth for any oral problems, clean it professionally and examined carefully to detect any oral issue that could be treated in advance before you get pregnant

Post pregnancy dental care:

  • After getting pregnant, avoid going to the dentist in the 1st trisemester and second half of 3rd trisemester until you have any dental emergency. As during this period, baby growth and development took place so in any way, try avoiding going for any treatment that may result in affecting baby growth. However, you may consult the dentist during the second trisemester, but avoid going for any elective dental treatment till your delivery.
  • Don’t go for x-rays during pregnancy, however, the dentist will take care of both mother and baby health while undergoing through x-rays using the more advanced x-ray procedure.
  • On visiting the dentist, make them aware that you are pregnant and what all medications and their dosages you are taking. The dentist will be able to prescribe the right treatment and medications that is required during dental checkups.
  • Always visit your dentist regularly to maintain good dental health. As during pregnancy you are at high risk of getting gum disease due to the hormonal changes in the body, therefore consult a dentist and tell them if you see any changes in the gums or experience any pain.
  • Ask dentist about the right toothpaste to clean your teeth.

Now, oral health is also marked with high importance to maintain good health of the mother. Therefore, all expectant mums should visit the dentist and have oral examination.

Wind Up

Oral care is a vital health issue that should be considered during pregnancy. Visit your dentist for regular checkups to keep your teeth clean always.

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