Know when you Should not Install Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers -

People prefer doing various dental implants and installations in order to bring back the sweet natural smile. Today’s technology has a great influence on human beautification and dental science is one among them. There are tremendous merits of advanced dental technologies or processes, but you should also be aware of the conditions before the installations are done. In fact, Porcelain Veneers are not suitable for everyone. The setting-up of veneers depends completely on the condition and structure of the teeth. In prior, you should know well what is the condition of your teeth and whether you will be able to install Porcelain Veneers Melbourne or not.

Circumstances when you will not be able to apply veneers

Unhealthy Teeth Condition

Porcelain Veneers MelbourneVeneers are just like natural teeth, which are fitted on the chipped or cracked teeth. However, if you have injurious or damaged teeth then the dentists would suggest you not to put up the veneers at that moment. Well, for that you need to have some sittings with the dentists to fix the issue and then proceed with the veneer application. The Porcelain Veneers are clipped with the enamel and if you don’t have healthy teeth the veneers will come off.

People in Dilemma

If you have a fluctuating mind then you should stay away from fitting veneers. The Porcelain Veneers Melbourne stays for at least five to ten years and until and unless it gets damaged it should not be taken off.

Bad habits

Application of such things is definitely costly. So, it should be done very carefully. If you have bad habits like crushing ice or opening bottle cap with teeth, then you need to give up those bad habits before the installation of veneers. If you don’t refrain from such habits, you might end up damaging your teeth. Also, excessive smoking can create strain on the veneers and make you look ugly. Also, if you are a frequent smoker, you have to think a lot before deciding for such dental treatment.


You should be aware of the aforementioned factors before you go to the dentist.

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