Sleep Dentistry Melbourne – Paving Way for Dentophobics?

Sleep Dentistry -

What do you usually do to overcome your fear of something? Do nothing and hope it will go away; try and address the fear or maybe some of us will have a couple of stiff shots to give us that false sense of calmness so that we can deal with the fear. But what happens when you need to go to the dentist? You have an extremely painful toothache which you are unable to ignore and you can’t even have that drink because in the hope that the toothache will go away, you have taken painkillers. Moreover the dentist would smell the alcohol in your breath straight away and would not be able to treat you. So how do you address this fear?

The answer is sleep dentistry in Melbourne. Also known as sedation dentistry, it is used to create a calm and anxiety free experience for patients using sedatives, which can be in the form of tranquillizers, depressants or anti-anxiety meds which are administered prior to any dental procedure. The sedatives are administered orally or intravenously.

Sleep Dentistry

Today, oral sedation is the most modern technique and the most appealing to patients. Oral sedatives, also known as anxiolytics (dissolve anxiety) are administered by mouth to aid patients in transitioning from anxiety to being comfortable and relaxed during dental procedures. Oral sedatives allow you to relax in both body and mind, and focus on feeling tranquil rather than agitated.

Hours of treatment feel like a few minutes. Once you are relaxed, the dentist will be able to work more efficiently and confidently by focusing on what he has to do rather than trying to pacify you throughout the procedure. He can fully concentrate on the job at hand.

Some oral sedatives are “amnesic”, meaning that you remember very little or nothing at all after the treatment. Maybe you can even forget that you went to the dentist in the first place!!

Oral sedation is a popular option for most people as it does not require injections. This is a blessing for those patients who have a phobia of needles.

The sedatives are placed and dissolved under the tongue, or they can just be swallowed whole. Many dentists prefer the sublingual, or under the tongue route as it works more quickly and is absorbed into the bloodstream rapidly. Either way, both methods are safe and equally effective.

As sleep dentistry in Melbourne helps in eliminating dentophobia, more people are encouraged to go for regular dental visits.

Don’t neglect your oral health due to fear. Talk to the dentists at Holistic Dental who will help you overcome your fear with their experience and expertise in sleep dentistry in Melbourne.

Sleep dentistry is a breakthrough in the dental field so you no longer have to dread visiting the dentist.

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