Root Canal Treatment – Shoo That Fear Away

Root Canal Treatment -

Most of us cringe at the thought of visiting a dentist. Ideally, it is advised that we should visit the dentist every six months. But most of us don’t do it because we don’t like going for a dental checkup for whatever reason. And when we fill a little twine or sensitivity in our teeth, our self appointed dentists effectively deal with it by way of painkillers and hope it goes away.

What happens when we don’t have regular checkups? That little twinge or niggling pain will take a ginormous form that will not be curbed by any painkiller, and will get to an extent that you will have no choice but to go to the person you dread the most, the dentist. He then may advise you that you effectively need a root canal treatment.

root canal therepy

A root canal treatment is used to save teeth which would otherwise need to be removed. The treatment is usually necessary when the blood or the nerve supply of the tooth is infected through decay and/or injury.

The treatment involves repairing and saving the infected tooth by extracting the pulp and nerves and then protecting it by cleaning it thoroughly and sealing the inside of the tooth. The tooth is then made stronger by placing a crown over it.

The question for all those who hate going to the dentists; If this treatment is supposed to protect our teeth then why do we dread the word “Root canal treatment”? I think all of us associate the terminology to having our teeth drilled, and maybe as a result, feel excruciating pain. The image of a drill inside your mouth making that typical humming noise is enough to scare anyone!

The reality is that the treatment is absolutely painless. In fact the treatment actually takes the pain away from the tooth in the first place!! Isn’t that why you are at the dentist’s?

And with the use of latest technology, the procedure is absolutely seamless. Instruments like the rotary instruments and apex locator help to make the procedure efficient and the treatment can now be done in one sitting, rather than the previous few appointments that were usually required for such procedures.

Rotary instruments have made root canal treatments easier for both dentists and patients. They ensure that the root canal is uniformly cleaned and hence make it easier to fill effectively, every single time.

The apex locator helps to determine the precise length of the root canal, contrary to the x-rays that were previously used. The amount of radiation dose is also minimized with the apex locator and the results appear instantly on the computer screen.

The combination of these two instruments have given dentists the confidence to remove infection, and finish the treatment in a single sitting.

So to all of you out there, if you have a tooth that is making its “presence” felt in your mouth, do not delay. Go to Holistic Dental, the experts who specialize in root canal treatment. Just lie back , shoo that fear away and let the professionals take over.

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