Invisalign Treatment – Say No To Metal Braces

Invisalign -

Metal braces are widely used in patients, to straighten teeth and improve their position for better biting ability. These braces also help to improve the aesthetics of a person. They also help in fixing other flaws in the teeth of patients.

Metal braces, although successful, is an ancient technology. They can be sometimes hard to use, and distort the look of the face when used. Many patients, especially teenagers actually don’t prefer to use these nowadays because they don’t want anyone to know that they are using braces.

Invisalign is an alternative to these braces. It is a modern technology and has been gaining popularity among patients and dentists (from Melbourne and other hospitals) all over the world. It is an efficient system and is extremely easy to use.

The benefits that Invisalign offer over metal braces have been listed below:

Invisalign Treatment

  • Probably the biggest advantage is the fact that it is made of transparent plastic, hence it is practically invisible and impossible to detect (thus the name Invisalign).
  • Firstly, the mold of the patient’s teeth is taken, according to which the aligners are made; hence every aligner is custom-made for the patient since every patient is different from one another.
  • Invisalign can be used to treat all sorts of orthodontic problems such as overbite, underbite, cross-bite, misaligned teeth and also several complex cases as well.
  • Metal braces can cause tooth decay and plague since brushing can’t be done properly. However, Invisalign aligners can be easily removed to facilitate proper brushing. Also, patients can have any consumables that they wish for since using Invisalign doesn’t place any restrictions on eating habits, unlike metal braces.
  • They are also renewed every two weeks.

Dentists from Melbourne and all over the world have accepted that Invisalign is the future replacement of braces. Some dentists believe that Invisalign is not effective and metal braces are still the best way to go. But this is completely untrue.

Over 2 million people worldwide have resorted to using Invisalign, wherein holistic dentistry has its own place and the numbers speak for themselves. Invisalign is the way to a healthier brace-free future, and everyone should start using this treatment.

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