Known and Unknown Facts of Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment -

Smile is the most beautiful feature of a human being. We often compliment people for their sweet and beautiful smile. The teeth play a very significant role behind your sparkling smile. However, your smile becomes dull when you are detected with infected or decayed teeth. Your confidence stoops low and you refrain from flaunting a glistening smile. Root Canal Treatment is one of those many treatments that treat the decayed root problem suspected inside the tooth.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal TreatmentThe root canals are the portion of the pulp cavity that stays inside the roots of the teeth. The pulp, which is made of blood vessels and tissues, are responsible for the sensation of teeth. Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is the process in which the infected or damaged tissues are removed from the root.

If the issue is detected at an early stage, it can be cured in a painless manner. The longer you delay with infected root canals, the more severe the condition becomes. Shockingly, the infection can affect your bones that are supporting the teeth.

The symptoms of infectious root canals

The major symptoms are:

  • Sensation while taking cold or warm foods and drinks
  • Pain while chewing food
  • Pain while having cold or hot food.

When the treatment is required?

The Root Canal Treatment is the safest and easiest way to diagnose damaged or infected nerves under the root. The initial symptoms may vary from man to man. Some people feel the soreness in the teeth while chewing or biting foods. On the flip side, many people feel the pain when their teeth come in contact with cold or hot liquids/foods. Moreover, you may feel tenderness around the gum of the infected root. In such situations, you should not hesitate to visit a reputed dentist in your locality and ask for assistance. On diagnosis, if any sign of damaged or infected tissues is found, you should go for the treatment.


The treatment or therapy process is less painless as the dentists perform it by applying local anaesthesia. Not to worry, the treatment is very comfortable and effective.

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