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Dental Implant -

Dental implantation works great for those patients who have lost their teeth. This is a successful way of getting a replacement of your missing teeth without disturbing the neighbouring teeth. The dentist replaces the missing teeth that will later function like the natural tooth. As the tooth is missing from the jawbone, hence the dental implant is fixed into the jawbone and allowed to get fixed completely. The implantation has the ability to stand alone without affecting the nearby teeth.

Dental Implants Melbourne
The dental implants are carried out according to the patient’s dental condition. Your dentist will first examine the patient and consult with them how many implants to be done and how to place it. Depending on the requirements, implants are available for: Replacement of single tooth: Replacing a single missing tooth.

  • Replacement of multiple teeth: Replacing multiple missing teeth.
  • Replacing all teeth: Replacing all missing teeth.
  • Sinus augmentation: Implantation success depends on the bone quality and quantity. The most complicated part of the implantation is the upper back jaw as it has less bone quality and quantity. Hence, in sinus augmentation, the sinus floor is raised and bone is developed to perform dental implantation.
  • Ridge modification: The upper or lower jaw may get deformities that lead to inadequate quantity of the bone. Hence, this process involves growing of the bone to have dental implants.

The dental implants Melbourne follows the modern technology to treat the patient’s. This involves taking the image of the present dental condition and then adding effects to let the patient know how they will look like after the implantation is done. With the advancement of the dental implant procedures, the patient’s can get the implantation done without actually recognising any replaced tooth.

The dental implantation is present for all those patients who need a single or multiple tooth replacement.  The replaced teeth will work the same way as the natural teeth. The advantages are many of choosing the dental replacement as compared to other options. While choosing this option, the dentist examines the patient to make sure they are good to go with the implantation. The main advantage is that the adjacent teeth is not hampered by implanting a new tooth.

The dental implants Melbourne is a complete painless treatment as the patient is given anaesthesia  and therefore no pain is experienced. However, they might be little discomfort after the surgery. But, the pain will be cured by taking the medications regularly. The complete healing of the procedure will take around two to six months.

Wind Up

The dentist will examine your current dental condition to bring the best dental implants for you. The dental implants Melbourne works best to give you the natural smile back. You will experience the gain in confidence back after getting the wonderful smile.

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