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Dental Implant -

The most painful situation arises when the person standing just in front of you throw you some disheartening question regarding your missing teeth! Yes, this is a very common incident that most of the people with missing teeth have experienced once in their life-time. Isn’t there any solution for this distressing oral condition?

A then and now of the Treatment Process

Dental Implant Melbourne

Counting back some few decades there would have been no answer for this type of dental calamity. However, in this 21st century the dentists have a prompt and significant solution for this query. The advancement of technology had immensely influenced our daily life-style and health. Undoubtedly, dental health also has an answer for it.

The success rate for dental implant is not less than 95% and in Melbourne the success rate is more than the average level. This new treatment process for the missing teeth has also achieved exceptional popularity. During early 60s, the dental implementations were much risky and painful. Shockingly, the success rate was also very low and stayed close of 50%. Due to absence of advanced technology and lack of sound dental knowledge most of the cases turned out to be severely painful and unsuccessful.

A brief on the process

Nowadays, the Dental Implant Melbourne has improved a lot. The implants are done for single or multiple teeth (depending on the need). Titanium is the metal that is drilled into the jaw on which the artificial teeth is fixed. The metal suits well with gum and shows no adverse reactions. The artificial root stays unchanged for long time and helps the patients to persist their natural looking teeth. Naturally, due to the complex procedure, the cost incurred in Dental Implant Melbourne is on the higher side. However, there are plenty of affordable implant services which you can also opt for.


The minute risk factor is also there and that completely depends on the dentist who is performing the task. Also, 1% surgical complication and reactive nature of the titanium leads to failure of the Dental Implant Melbourne.

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