Dentist Melbourne Offers Different Types of Dental Fillings to Restore Teeth Damage

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Everyone wish to have a bright and sparkling smile. Therefore, following a healthy routine is required that incorporates maintaining oral hygiene by regularly brushing the teeth. Even if you have been following a right dental practice, there may be a possibility of suffering from dental cavities. Cavities are a common dental problem found in all age groups. Hence, Dentist Melbourne will provide with the dental filling solution to treat the affected area.

Teeth Damage Restoration

Dental cavities are treated with fillings that are used to store back the dental performance. When the pain is extreme then it required getting consult with a dentist that give proper advice.

How tooth decay is treated?

A dental filling is used in the restoration process of the tooth decay where the Dentist Melbourne removes the affected portion of the teeth. The procedure begins by taking out the cavity from the decayed tooth. The area is then properly cleaned so no traces are left. The hole is then filled with the cementing material to give enough support to the tooth.

As the filling closes the space occurred by the cavity, further bacterial action is prohibited. Fillings are available in different forms that can be chosen according to the patient wish.

Different types of tooth filling materials available

Today, different types of filling materials are available. They are gold, silver, composite and tooth colour. Choosing a filling depends on the present condition of the decay, location of decay, cost of the filling and the best recommended filling by the dentist.

  • Amalgam Fillings: This silver filling possesses anti-bacterial property that would help in preventing the tooth decay in the future. The cost of the filling is low. It works well in both dry and wet atmospheres. As this tooth filling has a dark colour, hence it can be easily recognised as compared to other filling options available.
  • Gold Fillings: The gold filling is created in the laboratory and then it is filled in the decayed tooth. It holds the advantage of getting easily accepted by the tooth tissue. It has a life of around 20 years and therefore most people prefer using this filling. However, this process is highly expensive and may require more than one appointment.
  • Composite Fillings: This filling holds the advantage of having a natural tooth colour. It is created using silicon dioxide, photographic initiators and natural resin. This type of filling in done mostly in the case of shallow cavity.
  • Porcelain Fillings: This is the perfect filling that gives the exact look of your natural tooth. It is made from inorganic fillers and has sturdy nature. However, it is more prone cracks, but used in more severe tooth damage and cost high.

Wind Up

The dental filling is performed on the affected tooth to remove the decay so that the teeth can perform the function normally as before.

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