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Today the average middle class working man will think twice before even thinking of visiting a dentist. Oral and dental care has become so expensive that it is very difficult for an average family man to even have that six monthly regular checkups that are recommended. Then he eventually goes to a dentist due to a problem he has, the treatment may put a big dent in his savings pot.

Unfortunately this is reality and the majority of us initially ignore the problem or try and treat it at home with painkillers and clove oil, in the hope that the problem will go away.

The good news is that there is help for those who want to improve their dental health but cannot due to financial constraints. Medibank has teamed up with dentists whereby the dentist can only charge the specific prices for dental care set by Medibank. The gap will be covered by your Medibank Private Dental cover, depending on what plan you have opted for.

Medibank Dentist

If you are a Medibank member, you will be eligible for the following benefits from your Medibank dentist

  • Unlimited general dental care
  • Free scaling and cleaning
  • Free dental examinations
  • Depending on your cover, you may get costs towards major dental procedures like root canals, crowns etc
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Accommodation and theatre charges for wisdom tooth extraction in the hospital. The patient will have to pay towards the dentists consultation and charges.

It is important to check with a Medibank agent to see exactly what will be covered on your dental plan.

Go for those six monthly checkups and take preventative measures to give your teeth longetivity. With your Medibank cover you don’t have to worry about general examinations. In fact it will be a waste of your health insurance money if you don’t take advantage of the dental cover they offer you.

Your Medibank dentist is duty bound to inform you about the cost of your dental treatment, and why the treatment is necessary. They will provide the information to you in such a way that you have understood everything before you give your consent and sign on the dotted line.

Holistic Dental are approved Medibank dentists. If you have Medibank dental cover and need treatment, call them to make an appointment. They will discuss your options depending on what cover you have.

Don’t ignore your dental health because of a few pennies. Get cover and see your Medibank Dentist regularly.

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