Why Root Canal Treatment is Important

Root Canal Treatment -

You may have heard about the root canal treatment procedure, but not sure to take it or not. Well the treatment is done by removing the infected pulp from the teeth, cleaned and then sealed to give support to the teeth.

About root canal

The teeth contain the pulps that are made of several tissues. The root canal is the part of these live tissues containing mostly the nerves and blood vessels. These root canals are different according to the teeth structure. When the root canal is infected, then they are treated by having the root canal treatment that results in the removal of the infected pulp of the tooth.

How root canal treatment is done?

Root Canal TreatmentA small hole is drilled in the infected tooth. The infected pulp and nerve is removed from the tooth. The area is then cleaned properly so that no trace is left behind. The empty area is then filled with a material to give support to the tooth. The crown in fitted on the teeth so that the filling does not come out. It protects the tooth from getting fractured.

Why you need the treatment?

When the infection occurs in a tooth, then there are only two options to treat it: performing root canal treatment or pulling off the tooth. The treatment of root canal is mostly preferred as it prevents the tooth from pulling it off. It is the only alternative available that treats the infection in the mouth. If the infected pulp is not removed then this will spread into other areas of the mouth causing major oral problems.

Why medicine cannot heal it?

Most of you even wondered why taking medication cannot cure this infection. The answer is that the infected pulp beneath the tooth and the medicine cannot reach into that area. They may reach the surrounding tissue but cannot reach to the infected tooth.

When you need the treatment?

It is important that you identify the symptoms of the infection that would help in treating it before it gets worse. You will feel the pain while chewing, taking a bite or touching the tooth. The tooth gets sensitive to hot and cold beverages, it may get discoloured or broken.

As you notice these symptoms, immediately consult the dentist that would prescribe the right treatment and inform the necessities of doing the treatment.

After care

Once the treatment is done, then start maintaining oral hygiene by proper brushing and flossing. Avoid taking hard food, sugary and cola diet. You will be able to have the treatment last long only after following the right care.

Wind Up

The root canal treatment brings back the healthy smile by treating the infected pulp of the teeth.

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