The Types of Dentists you need to Know for Your Oral Care

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The professionals specializing in dental care stand beside people when there is acute teeth problem or oral disorder. Have you ever thought of which doctor to approach when you wriggle in excruciating tooth ache? There are thousands of skilled and experienced dentists in Melbourne who are experts in their particular field. Let’s find out which Melbourne dentist to approach while you want to get rid of dental troubles.


The dentist who performs treatment with the structure of teeth is known as orthodontist. If you want to consult a dentist with teeth straightening issues, then orthodontists are the best ones to visit. They will help you to regain your actual teeth structures by installing braces, teeth filling and crowns.

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The Periodontist deals with problems related to gums, tissues and bones attached with the teeth. They are the best person to consult if you are having gummy smiles or gingivitis type disease.


You would be referred to a Prosthodontist if you are suffering from missing tooth and requires an immediate replacement. This type of dentists also performs dentures, implants, crown and bridges treatment.

Cosmetic dentist

The cosmetic Melbourne dentist is efficient in improving your smile. The cosmetic treatment has gained immense popularity in the world because of its vast-spread importance and benefits. The dentists related to this type of line of work takes care of veneers, dental bridges, tooth whitening, gum lift and some other types of dental issues.

Pediatric dentist

If you are appointing a family Melbourne dentist, then pediatric dentist is the best one to visit. They are skilled in performing general dentistry for your entire family. All the more, they are the best person for your kids to provide a friendly and emotional support while carrying out the teeth treatment.

Oral surgeon

The oral surgeons play a very important role in teeth care. They specially deal with accidental or emergency dental surgeries.


Finding the apt dentist for your dental issue is very important, or else you have to flip around to find out the skilled one for your specific need.

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