Holistic Dentist Tells You How to Save Your Teeth From Everyday Drinks

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You get up in the morning and have some orange juice, tea, or coffee. Then you go to the gym and have the energy drinks that keep you physically healthy. You eat regularly that nourishes your health. Sounds healthy, right? But it is not! The food you take every day such as coffee, energy drinks and more are silently damaging your oral health. Below, holistic dental Melbourne has described the drinks that are harming your teeth and also how you can save your teeth from them.

1. Morning drinks!

You may enjoy the morning juices because they taste very refreshing. Their gentle taste is actually causing tooth erosion. The outer layer of the tooth that carries essential minerals for your teeth is known as tooth enamel. Morning juices such as orange juice, lemon juice, and other such citrus juices are not recommended to take as they contain a high amount of acids in them which are harmful to your teeth. It leads to tooth enamel loss.

How can you prevent it?

The better solution is to avoid them or take these juices in limited quantity.

Note: Using straw for drinking citrus juices is recommendable because it will reduce the contact of juice with the teeth.

2. Coffee or any caffeinated drinks

When we are awake the chemical called adenosine gets accumulated in our brain. This adenosine binds to the receptors of our brain which slow down the brain activity. It all results in exhaustion. To keep ourselves more awake, most of us choose to drink coffee to stay awake. Coffee plays a big role in staining and discoloration.

How exactly does coffee stain teeth?

As already mentioned earlier, enamel is the outer layer of the tooth and is also the hardest substance of our body. This layer is made up of minute pits and ridges on them which catch any food particles. Therefore, when such dark colored caffeine is consumed, it sticks on enamel which causes staining.

How can you prevent it?

You can prevent staining by reducing the intake of such caffeine-containing materials. Also, you can rinse mouth with water and increase the intake of milk and other calcium containing food and drinks.

3. Energy and sports drinks

These energy and sports drinks are the real foes of your healthy teeth. They possess saccharides and acids in extreme which harm your oral health rapidly. Tooth decay is the common result of consuming the energy and sports drinks. When tooth enamel gets damaged, it cannot be fixed. When enamel is damaged, it may give rise to sensitivity.

How can you prevent it?

To prevent such problems, you must not consume such drinks. There are also healthier alternatives available to such drinks that keep you and your teeth healthy.

Apart from these liquids, citrus fruits also damage your oral health. Make sure to avoid them or reduce their consumption in order to have a healthy oral.

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