This Is How Brunswick Dentist Can Bring End To Your Oral Problems

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We understand that your mouth is the pathway to your body and it must be treated to be healthy for the maintenance of our well-being. Every day our dentists work on patients with myriad and also at times extremely uncommon issues. It takes years of practice and updated knowledge to perform such a task successfully.
Here is a list of some everyday problems that dentist in Brunswick deal with along with their causes and solutions.

What are Periodontal (gum) problems and what are their causes?

Healthy gums are the major contribution in a healthy oral because the gums play a vital role in protecting teeth. While periodontal problems can be can be as small as inflamed gums and may also lead to chronic problems like teeth loss! The estimated amount of microbes in our oral according to one study is near to 20 billion and it keeps on multiplying within a certain period of time.

Causes and solution of Periodontal problems

Cause: Smoking
Solution: It is another reason to quit smoking because periodontal issues are critical and may lead to heart attack or stroke. Avoid smoking at the earliest before the issues enhance.

Cause: Diabetes
Solution: Patients with diabetes may cause any gum infections. Visit your dental regularly so any infection can be identified and treated in the early stage.

Cause: Improper brushing and flossing
Solution: It is the fundamental practice to keep your oral healthy. Brush with the correct method and consult your dentist for the details.

Cause: Stress
Solution: Stress is responsible for many diseases. It becomes extremely important to treat with supervision for the gum problems that are born due to stress. Consult your doctor on the regular basis and attend regular dental check-ups.

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

It is another common problem that we work on for our patients. The simple explanation of halitosis is that it is the unpleasant odor of the mouth due the bacteria residing in it. Many of the micro-particles in our mouth are essential for the living and there are some that are not really essential. When the amount of these unwanted bacteria increases, it results into bad breath that is also known as halitosis. To learn about your oral health, visit our dentists in Brunswick and we will be your solution.

It is the symptom of many chronic diseases. Thus, it is important to consult your dentist for it. Let us discuss the causes and remedies for bad breath.

Causes and solution of Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Cause: Mouth is the gateway for the intake of food. Any food that possesses some strong smelling particles leaves with a smell in your mouth. These food include onion, garlic, almost all non-vegetarian dishes.
Solution: Rinse your mouth after the consumption of this food and also, make use of sugar-free chewing gum.

Cause: Malnutrition
Solution: It also occurs when oral does not receive proper nutrition. Consult your dentist or dietician to recommend you the nutrients you require with the appropriate amount.

Cause: Smoking and alcohol
Solution: There are just too many reasons to quit smoking and here is another one on the list. An excessive amount of smoking may lead to mouth cancer. Reduce the consumption of alcohol.

Above mentioned oral problems are merely two of the many issues we deal with. Get to know more about our dentists in Brunswick. Take a step closer to healthier oral health.