Medibank Dentist Explains Why Caring for Sensitive Teeth are the Must?

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Our Medibank Dentist says that sensitive teeth are very troublesome if no proper care is taken. Those people who have sensitive teeth suffer from pain when they eat or drink something hot or cold.

The pain can be very sharp and shooting and one can feel it at the end of the nerves. It’s painful hence, people having the sensitive teeth usually avoid cold and hot food or drinks altogether.

Sensitive teeth are caused when the underlying layer of the teeth called dentin is exposed. There are microscopic holes called tubules that are found in the roots and lead to the pulp where all the nerves are. Hence, simply exposing the nerve area, it is the cause of all the problems.

The tubules become exposed when the gum tissue, hot or cold and even very sweet food can reach the nerves and cause pain.

There are many reasons why people have sensitive teeth, our Medibank dentist explains below:

  • It could be that the enamel has worn out due to brushing too hard
  • Eating too much acidic food like citrus fruits, tomatoes, and tea,
  • Due to some gum disease or gum related conditions
  • Also, it can be because of using the wrong kind of mouthwash or toothpaste

Whatever be the cause, there are some ways you can help the pain of the sensitive teeth.

By using special toothpaste and toothbrush:

Today in the market, there are several types of dental toothpaste available, also for sensitive teeth. Usually, this toothpaste works to desensitize your teeth and helps to build up the lost enamel which can cover those tubules which are responsible for causing the shooting pain. You can try different brands like Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief or Sensodyne before choosing that with which toothpaste you are more comfortable with. GC tooth mouse is commonly prescribe when there is severe sensitivity issues.

Toothpaste which has the whitening and tartar control capacity can worsen the situation; so use the one which has fluoride instead. Also, you have to apply the layer of this paste at night before you are going to your bed and check your toothbrush.

It should not be having the hard bristles, as this may cause the enamel to wear thin and thus exposing the roots. Rather make use of the soft bristles brushes that are good for your gums, especially if your teeth are sensitive.

Watch your food intake:

High acidic food dissolves the enamel, says Medibank dentist. After having acidic food, sugary and starchy foods, make sure that you clean your teeth well.

Sensitive teeth are troublesome, but by proper care and applying the right kind of toothpaste, using a right tooth brush and appropriate care it can be taken care of. Also, you can get help by visiting Holistic Dental and taking the right kind of advice from our experts.

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