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Dental emergencies are something which is overlooked the most by people. These emergencies can result in permanently damaging the system. Knowing how to handle the emergencies can make the real difference between losing or saving your teeth. The emergency dentist Melbourne crew takes important measures which must be taken while handling emergencies.
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List of measures taken by the team of dentists while handling emergencies

  • Broken Tooth:Remove any traces of broken tooth, if left in the mouth. Wash your mouth thoroughly with water. Apply warm compresses on the broken tooth area. Cold compresses stop the bleeding and prevents the tooth muscles from swelling up.
  • Toothaches: In case of toothache, don’t forget to clean your mouth again and again with water so that there are no food remains left in your mouth. Use dental floss to remove the food particless.
  • Eroded Filling: In case the tooth filling wears off, stick a gum piece to your tooth. Make sure the gum is sugarless.
  • Knocked Out Permanent Tooth: If your permanent tooth has got knocked due to any accident, try to insert the tooth again into the gum socket. If it does not seem to be possible, keep the tooth in milk in between your mouth.
  • Injuries To Soft Tissues: If the soft tissues of your mouth get injured such as gums, lips and tongue etc. Apply cold compresses as soon as possible in order to stop the bleeding. Keep compressing the area until the bleeding stops completely.

Usually any dental issue which involves lot of pain and bleeding must be immediately taken to dentists. The emergency dentist Melbourne team takes necessary steps to keep the patients out of life threat. They first aim to stop the bleeding and then give pain relieving medication to the patients. If the necessary first aid is provided, it becomes easier to deal with the issue further.

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