The Basic Difference Between Sleep Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry -

Almost every time, teeth surgery gives you an excruciating pain. It probably gives you one of the most painful experiences in your life. However, in this modern time the scientists have developed various methods which can not only reduce, but also can offer you a painless dental surgery. While you approach the local dental clinic for your tooth surgery you become nervous and anxious thinking what will happen to you in the next few hours!

The modernized treatment process

The modern dental science applies two different processes to conduct the dental surgery in a painless manner. The first one is Sleep Dentistry and second is Sedation dentistry. Literally, during the first one you will be asleep during the operation and will not feel any sort of pain. However, during the second one you will be in a state of consciousness, but will not feel the pain or uneasiness.

Sleep Dentistry- the Painless Surgery

Sleep DentistryDue to the pain, people often despise to go for dental checkup as well as dental surgery. However, this is not the solution to run away from the phobic situation. The logic behind Sleep Dentistry took birth for the people who are afraid of pain. In this process you will be given some pills or liquids, which on consuming will lead you to a semi-conscious state. The dentists will perform the complicated surgeries and you will never come to know about the pain. So, relax and be stress free if your next dental visit is for tooth implant, tooth extraction or cosmetic surgery.

How much beneficial is sleep dentistry compared to sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is another type where the dentist applies nitrous oxide to stop the oral sensations. The nitrous oxide relaxes the muscles and helps you to overcome the anxiety. However, the Sleep Dentistry is a better option compared to sedation dentistry as it is a safer process.


When you visit the dentist for any type of surgery, be sure to take someone to accompany you.

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