5 Easy Steps How Root Canal Treatment Works

Root Canal Treatment -

Does root canal treatment work? Root canal failure is a reality, and it happens quite often. Best treatment can solve problems like root canal failure. Mostly, root canals fail due to the presence of bacteria.

If your mouth is sterile, there would be no decay or infection and the damaged teeth can repair themselves. Out of five root canals failure reasons, at least four of them are preventable. The success rate of the treatment varies from 85% – 97%, according to circumstance, endodontic re-try fizzling root channel that was finished by another person.

Mostly, root canal treatment failure occurs due to five reasons mentioned below:

Missed root canals

Our understanding of tooth anatomy should enable the practitioners to find the canals. Some teeth have two canals 95% of the time, and only one canal can be found. Practitioners then need to search for the second canal. In some cases, the additional canal may be present. Right types of equipment should be used to find the canal.

Incomplete treatment of canals

It is due to ledges, complex anatomy, lack of experience and poor attention to quality. Being short increases the chances of failure as it means that untreated or empty space is present, and it causes infection. Factors that contribute to the treatment of the canal are proper uses of equipment and experience. Endodontists usually stock on small files, and dentists usually don’t have this. Ledges may occur even with the most experienced doctor, but proper use of equipment can reduce its occurrence.

Remaining issues

Root canal failure can be due to remaining tissue in the tooth. Tissues act as a nutritional source of bacteria and it can re- infect the root canal system. Root canals have different shapes, and the round instrument cannot clean it easily. Inspect the canals by drying them and inspecting the walls under magnification and light.


Root fractures may affect the treatment. It occurs in a tooth that never has filled, and it indicates that many of them are not preventable. Treatment should be attempted only after knowing the presence of a fracture.

Bacteria post treatment leakage

Removing tissue, killing bacteria and sealing the system should be done for preventing re- entering of bacteria. Preventive measures should be taken to balance tips and infections. The more measures you take the better for you.

Make sure that you get your root canal treatment in Melbourne from a good dentist. This technique is useful in improving long- term prognosis, but the endodontic community is better than doing nothing. Select the expert dentist of the holistic dental who have good experience in this field and uses proper equipment for best root canal treatment.