What is Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment?

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We all might have heard about this orthodontic treatment but very few of us may exactly know what this treatment actually is all about?

Here, in this blog post from an experience dentist with special interest in  Orthodontics, Holistic Dental; we will discuss about this method in detail.

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Let’s get started:

Meaning: This two phase orthodontic treatment is a process which includes teeth straightening as well as physical and facial changes. This treatment is completed so as to maximize the chance to have an ideal, healthy, functional result which will remain static throughout the entire life of the patient.

It is necessary to select the start time of the treatment. It is decided by dentist and usually takes 18 to 24 months. The main aim of this treatment is to reduce the treatment time as much as possible so that patient has to wear the braces for short time span.

Is it OK to delay the treatment?

The treatment time is decided by dentist and hence patients have to follow the same. However, in certain circumstances patient may have to delay the treatment. So, is it viable?

Well, the earlier you get the treatment done, the better it is for you; hence as much as possible avoid delaying the treatment however under certain circumstances if you do so then chances are there that you may have to go for invasive treatment later on.

This may not be agreeable by most of the people. Early treatment can provide effective results that last for longer duration.

Two Treatment Phases:

Phase one: This treatment is meant to allow the jaw grow and develop in a particular way which will support permanent teeth and improve the way upper and lower jaws are aligned together.You can see many children having early signs of jaw problems during their growth and development phase. Some type of jaw problems are such wherein an upper arch is growing too quickly or is very narrow to identify at an early age.Children over six years of age are the ones having this issue. Hence, this orthodontic treatment is for them.Eight year old children also have been found with crowded teeth in the front. Early treatment can eliminate the need to reduce permanent teeth later.If you plan now for your children then this can give them a wonderful smile later on. Children get benefited quickly from the treatments carried out in the early phase. Quick treatments can prevent the issue of removing permanent teeth later in life as well as eliminate the need for having surgery to realign the jaws.

Records to assist the accurate analysis of your perfect orthodontic treatment:

Orthodontics record is required to know the type of appliances that are to be used, the duration of treatment and the frequency of visits. Records include

  • impressions from which plaster models of the teeth are constructed,
  • X-rays films of the teeth and jaws
  • photographs of the teeth and face

During initial consultation; our expert orthodontics dentist will ask for the records to identify whether there’s a need of early treatment or not. A treatment plan will be given and how much it is like to cost.

Resting Period: After completing the first treatment phase, remaining permanent teeth are left alone as they appear. It is necessary to offer some freedom to their permanent teeth for movement. Once the initial phase is successful, then permanent teeth will get a room to find their eruption path.Or they may become impacted or improperly displaced.

Phase Second: Here, this phase is to ensure that every tooth has its perfect location in the mouth where it is in proper alignment with lips, cheeks, tongue as well as other teeth. Once this equilibrium is maintained then the teeth will function properly.This phase includes upper as well as lower braces. In the initial stages of first phase, orthodontic records are to be made and based on that; proper treatment plan is to be prepared.Several types of appliances are to be used at the initial stage for realigning the teeth as well as jaw. Second phase begins when all permanent teeth have appeared and then braces are needed to make sure that the child gets its own beautiful smile back.


Now, hope this two phase orthodontic treatment is completely clear to you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any doubts. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned to Holistic Dental, offering cost effective orthodontic care in Melbourne