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We at Holistic Dental are committed to giving the very best services and world class treatments. Our dental surgeons who are specialist in the various branches of dentistry will ensure that you get the best care possible. Our dental and para-dental team will ensure that all treatments that you receive at our facility are done with your comfort, well-being and convenience in mind. At our dental clinic, our patients are our first priorities.


Dentist at Melbourne CBD offers general, family as well as emergency dental treatment. We have dental surgeons from the various specialities of dentistry such as Prosthodontist for your denture and crown work, Periodontist for scaling and gum surgeries, Pedodontist for the treatment of your child, orthodontist for braces and so on.

Treatments offered by us:

We are your one stop destination for all your dental needs. The services offered by us include:

  • Dental examination: where we evaluate all your dental needs and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Denture: Our specials uses the best materials and the dentures deliver to you are made to give you comfort and restore your appearance.
  • Preventive dentistry: Here we shall do all including fluoride applications and tooth grinding to keep your teeth healthy and prevent any dental disease.

    Dentist in Melbourne

  • Tooth whitening: A cosmetic procedure best done under dental supervision to get you that sparkling smile.
  • Root canals: A procedure to treat and restore an infect
    ed tooth, it is almost always followed by a crown.
  • Emergency dental care: If you need any emergency dental care we are your destination.
  • Family dentistry: The dental specialist who offer solutions to all dental needs of your family.
  • Cosmetic procedures: We offer a wide array of cosmetic procedure from veneers, tooth whitening to crowns.


At Holistic Dental in Melbourne our practice is equipped with the latest gadgets and equipment such as laser units, apex locators etc to ensure that we treat you with the best and latest technology. We keep our selves equipped with the best to ensure that you get the best from us. Our aim is to serve you and help you get the perfect healthy smiles. Visit us to get the latest and complete dental treatment by our world class dental surgeons under one roof.

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